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“Dig this – right in the middle of Bold Street is a record store tucked away in the basement of Soho’s alternative clothing shop. Dig Vinyl opened in 2014 stocking a carefully selected range of second-hand vinyl as well as special re-pressings and the best new sounds. These guys don’t just dig vinyl, they live and breathe it, and whilst it’s obvious that the staff are passionate about the recent vinyl revival, you can tell that for them, it never really went away.”

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“In a year in which big events (LIMF, Africa Oye, Sound City, Psych Fest, Music Week) all rightly hogged the Liverpool limelight, the opening and subsequent expansion of Dig Vinyl on Bold Street is perhaps a mere footnote. It is however worth more than a passing mention. It feels right that there should be a record shop on Bold Street and its recent expansion suggest it it here to stay, Long live the vinyl revival!”

“Dig Vinyl is the city’s newest destination to share your passion for music. Whether its local artists or international names you are looking for, they’re expanding this October with a bigger vinyl collection and a relaxing coffee area.

“As well as expanding, the shop’s enviable stock of classics and rarities will also be on the increase over the coming days, the onus remaining on those invaluable  obscure delightsThis can only be good news, and the reopening  is set only to reaffirm the store’s status as one of Liverpool’s truly treasurable sites for any and all of Liverpool’s vinyl devotees, and welcome success for a group with the truest of ambitions.”

“The guys and girls behind Dig Vinyl live and breathe music, from running labels in the North West to running a record shop in Quiggins in 1989 to standing in fields wide eyed trying to find the hidden meaning in lyrics. Can you dig it?”

“We may never return to the days when record buyers were spoilt for so much choice, but Dig Vinyl’s Anthony Nyland insists: “Vinyl is resurgent and the future lies with independent shops like ours with a real passion and a desire to promote music culture.” So dust down those old turntables and records – and go and add to your vinyl collections!”